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Commercial Office Space 

If you're looking for a professional setting in which to conduct your business, Bridgeview is the ideal location for you. Our office building features an array of tenants from different industries which is great for networking.  See the office space(s) below that we have available to rent in our building.

Bridgeview has four floors of offices above the first ground floor, accessible by two elevators. The second, fourth, and fifth floors feature traditional commercial office space and range in sizes from 755 sq. ft. to 2650 sq. ft. The third floor and part of the 4th floor houses the Executive Office Center which primarily serves individual professionals and small businesses. These tenants utilize our exceptional receptionists and front desk services. Please review the current office space(s) we have below. Please call or email us for additional information or questions you may have. Providing live, personal service is our #1 priority.

2nd & 5th Floors

no suites available

Executive Office Center

3rd Floor

Suite 313 13' x 17.5' inside office

Suite 326 12' x 16' w/window

4th Floor

Suite 400-T 12' x 12' corner unit w/2 windows

Suite 400-Q 9.5' x 19' w/window

Suite 400-P 12' x 13' w/window

Suite 400-N 14'x14' w/window

Suite 400-M 9' x 16.5' w/window

Suite 400-K 130 sq ft, inside office

Suite 400-I 11.5' x 16.5' w/window

Suite 400-H 11.5' x 16.5' w/window

Suite 400-G 9' x 16.5' w/window

Suite 400 E 10.5' x 16.5' w/window